March 11, 2017 - Summer SAD Kickoff Meeting

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Discussion Topics

170310 gun2.png


1. Carlos/Gabriel/Bubba - Move gun to Test Lab. Validate Matt's assertion of plug-and-play of pure alumina vs. conductive insulator, determine stack-up of flange+insulator+electrode. Close layout/geometry loop between chamber + ME drawings + Poisson. Assess stock materials for shed/electrode e.g. Nb/Nb or SS/SS. Main goal is electrode design, but give some thought to testing HV chamber before dismantling.

2. Phil/Joe - See if can locate two large diameter BPM cans, recall existing length of shorter tunnel NEG w/ bellows each end, sketch proposed tube w/ BPM, magnets, does it all fit?, check with Pete about two channels of electronics

3. Marcy - Plan A for vacuum can/diagnostics at gun3 valve, what is useful and makes sense.

4. Joe/Scott - Identify hooks into gun switch software (controls, interlocks), propose modification to allow for gun3 removal

5. John/Matt/Joe - Move Spellman to Test Lab, restore comm for controls to power itself, then test w/ Ross probe, get TOSP ready for HV to Spellman, vacuum chamber, start discussion w/ software for EPICS application.

6. Carlos/John/software - Deploy a radmon at UITF; use FEL control box?, purchase GM tubes, port software app, add to archiver