March 13, 2017 - 4-Laser/LLRF Installation/Commissioning

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Let's meet Monday March 13th at 11am in the MCC conference room to organize 4-LLRF installation and commissioning. Please come prepared to speak to relevant items below, and/or invite those whom should attend. We'll end the meeting with a ~firm plan that Steve can post to the SAD calendar.


  1. Plan for 4-LLRF installation
  2. Software controls and screen readiness
  3. FSD implementation and testing
  4. First connection to lasers, manual testing 249/499
  5. Remote HLLAP control of laser frequency
  6. Repair bunch length
  7. Schedule for beam operations
  8. Beam tests: chopper, bunch length, energy spread
  9. Dry run for Fall 4-beam ops
  10. Running during the summer
  11. Installation of final system
  12. Any other topic you'd like to discuss


4-LLRF Installation
  • Tomasz' readiness/plans presentation media:4Laser_LLRF_March_ready.ppt
  • Estimate is one week to install 4-LLRF system beginning start of SAD (nominally March 23)
  • FSD interface monitors 35/70 MHz; thresholds set in EPICS, Rama working w/ Brad/PSS for FSD node
  • Existing 3-LLRF hardware remains as-is, new 4-LLRF installed near chopper/buncher
  • 4-LLRF application recycles existing EPICS channel names, Rama/Scott will meet before SAD to clarify 3-LLRF vs. 4-LLRF code
  • Once 4-LLRF is up/running and tested OK will coordinate a) Michele's HLAPP test, b) connecting laser ON again
  • Bench test isolation between RF channels >45 dB
  • Tomasz needs to know how precisely power levels should be set for 10 dBm
4-Beam Testing
  • 4-Beam setup of injector to FC2 is vehicle to test system
  • Reza would like spectrum analyzer measurement of existing 3-LLRF vs. new 4-LLRF documented
  • Curt/Reza will continue troubleshooting bunch length system in preparation of beam setup
  • Arne would like a dwell run of ~shifts to demonstrate stability
  • Ops will plan to generally support DAY's to FC2 (and look for a Swing/Owl crew for stability test)