March 24, 2017 - 200kV gun upgrade meeting

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New action items

Electrode/insulator design/fabrication

  • Danny/Gabriel/Carlos will iterate on final design : minimize gap over triple point, optimize ceramic/metal gap curvature
Finalize electrostatic design media:170324_FinalDesign.pptx
Finalize ME design media:JL0045108---dwg1.pdf
  • Build electrode/shed from one piece of material 8" cube, not enough Nb, go w/ SS. Matt will check on 316LN vacuum melt, but let's still check what shop used for 350kV ball electrodes, maybe save time and money
From Carlos: I stopped by the machine shop and Casey confirms that they have in stock 316L (low Carbon) for the electrodes. I showed him the picture of the GTS/UITF shed and he says the material is not hard to come buy, not sure if it comes form same vendor but material should have very similar properties. This is what he replied: The following message was sent to: Carlos Hernandez-Garcia from the staff search page.  I have 316L for your projects.
  • Reuse springs/rollers/cage, but new rear support ring optimized for electrode
qty 6 roller springs. media:32709-02221_C_1of1.pdf
qty 6 roller pins. media:ACC2003000-0317.pdf
qty 1 key media:ACC2003000-0315.pdf
  • Collect as-found on white insulator assembly and black insulator
ILC Nb Gun2 white ceramic design media:WHITECERAMICQA.pdf
Surveys on Monday

Vacuum chamber/considerations

  • Plan A
Use as-is, but identify/repair short of NEG isolation, retain leak valve but add right angle for isolation. Do we forego NEG isolation and remove unnecessary ceramic plates (fallen to bottom of chamber)
  • Plan B
Rotate NEG's => remove NEG's, weld support rods, NEG coat chamber, return X number of NEGs, new ground screen, retain leak valve w/ right angle valve
  • Plan is to vacuum fire electrode 900C, barrel polish before attaching to ceramic

Gun2 NEG Tube

  • Document Gun2 as-found. Give Danny sketch of sequence for new tube w/ BPM's + magnets, eliminate/shorten downstream bellows
Logbook pic/layout of the existing Gun2 NEG
  • Find materials for new Gun2 NEG tube
Found/leak checked two large aperture BPM cans Media:Gun2_IMG_5144.JPG
All assembled FH solenoids spoken for; take from Gun3, maybe spare parts, or fabricate new coils

Gun3 Removal

  • Retain downstream chamber w/ extractor, RGA, GP-100 w/o NF3/Cs, and remove gun table and HV section
As-found of existing Gun3
  • Eliminating Gun Switch software Gun3
 Hello Joe,  I'm coordinating with Scott to rewrite the gun switch software for one gun operations. Looks like we are going to gut most of additional gun code simplifying the solution we currently have. For the front end, I  wanted to meet with you to get an idea of what things you're looking for on the screen. I'll be on shift next week Monday - Wednesday from 2-10 to support the injector work. Hopefully we can talk then.  Best Kyle.

Spellman HVPS update

Now there are two ... one for Mike Johnson EPICS development, one for HV chamber testing using Spellman GUI.  Media:Gun2_IMG_5153.JPG

Radmon update