March 9, 2016 - Monthly 4-laser Upgrade Status Meeting

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We'll meet on Wednesday March 9 in TL-1227 for around-the-table updates preparing for the summer SAD 4-laser upgrade. The agenda below is meant to explore the different activities, please add/edit as makes sense, post material to share or send me in advance and I can add it.

Schedule (Joe)

Discuss modified Summer SAD schedule, remind people of constraints
* The project has shifted the Hall-B run by two weeks.
* Summer SAD 

Laser Status (John)

* Status for 4th laser amplifier, components to complete 4th laser + additional optical path
* New RTP scheme
* New PSS shutter complete?
* Timeline

SCAM-II (Roger)

* Status for SCAM-II development
* Comment on additional requests for aux trigger (Jordan) and Mizar functions (Tiefenback)
* When do you want requirements document for SCAM-II finalized, already?
* Software integration
* Timeline

LLRF (Tomasz)

Status, plans and time line of LLRF sub-systems media:160409_LLRF.ppt
* Front end LO
* LCLS-II digitizer
* LCLS or Commercial FPGA or PC104
* Software integration
* Timeline