May 2, 2019 - Weekly AIPINJ Meeting

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Solenoid status
  • Danny is completing the 38mm (2.99" OD) and 46mm (3.62" OD) option drawings and reviewing Jay's specification table
  • Coordinate ~two external magnet experts to review, provide feedback
  • Initiate RFQ process w/ procurement (Everson-Tesla Inc., NE Technicoil, Alpha Magnetics, Arlington company
200kV gun
  • HV conditioning
  • CST for large shed cathode + bias anode (0V, 500V, 1000V)
Wien filter status
  • Status on the CST evaluation of high gradient points
  • Status/plan for HV switch system
Beamline layout
  • Once Danny, is done solenoid will return to keV layout