November 14, 2018 - Group Meeting

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Fall 2018

CEBAF Status
Program through Christamas
  • Tue 11/20 - Hall A turns off for rest of the year
  • Mon 11/26 - Linac and Pass changes (ABCD = Off/4/2/5.5) => Wien change for B, D moves to the A-list to limit bleedthrough
  • Mon 12/10 - Linac and Pass changes (ABCD = Off/4/3/5.5) => Wien change for B
  • Thu 12/20 - Machine off at 8am for Holiday break
Beam Studies and OnCall Activities
Gun2 QE Gun2 lifetime and recent QE scan and Spot Move 11/15/18
High Polarization in Hall B Hall B Moller and Beam Energy and Mott measurements
SF6 Relief Valve SF6 relief valve leaky and On-Call Repair
Easy Button Not So Easy Hall A Laser investigation and SCAM modification
Vertical Wien Filter Current Instability Vertical Wien current instability addressed, but not fixed and Vertical Wien current instability resolved
PQB Studies Low QE => Large Q Asym and Helicity board signal vs. setpoint
LERF Status
LERF Driver Laser Enclosure Certified and LERF PSS Certificiation
GTS Status
UITF Status

Forecast 2019

JAN 2 - JAN 22 (3 week SAD/PSS period) SAD
  • Accelerator electricians to install two new racks + cable tray in ISB for 200KV Wien HVPS and address iocin6 load
  • Implement 1kV anode safe floating bias supply inline with anode-picoammeter
FEB 1 - Arne's target date for LERF to be ready
Good photocathode
Gun reaches HV
Laser/DLCP ready to go
Let's work with Chris and Shaun to develop a plan to restore beam through QCM (will be 2K)
No firm Radioisotope run dates yet
JAN 30 - APR 7 (10 week run period)
Similar to this run with A=30, B=polarized, C=50-70uA, D
Hall A run short until MAR 7, then a 3 day PQB tests a 1-pass 70uA
APR 8 - JUN 2 (8 week SAD period)
PQB Studies?
Early opportunity Gun2 electrode 200KV
JUN 10 - AUG 11 (9 week run period)
Hall A PREX polarized 70uA 1 pass @ 499 MHz
Hall B unpolarized 100nA 5 pass @ 499 MHz
Hall C unpolarized 50-90 uA 3-5 pass @ 499 MHz for 3 weeks
AUG 12 - OCT 25 (11 week SAD period)
Gun2 electrode 200KV
Power Wiens from new PS and HVPS?
NOV 1 - DEC 19 (7 week run period)
Hall A CREX polarized 150uA 1 pass @ 499 MHz
Hall B polarized 5 pass @ 250 MHz
Hall C polarized 30uA 5 pass @ 250 MHz
Hall D 5 pass @ 250 MHz

And Beyond