November 14, 2019 - AIPINJ ME meeting

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Where are we at....


  • (6 coils) Wien coils - design completed, ready for sign-off, awaiting second bid (next week or so), design meets coil cross-section spec and for installation (see notes on dwg). Each coil may be one strand or brazed.
  • (4 halves) 15 deg bend magnets - corrected coil grove to now be rectangular for close-packed winding, Reza would like 2 deg (is this per coil or between coils - Joe to check), plus iron tube (design finishing)
  • (8 beam line + 2 chopper + 4 coils) new solenoid magnets - we have bids from 3 companies, and two seem realistic for what we want, now just awaiting FY20 budget approval.


  • please replace MFH2I01 (NEG tube solenoid) w/ Jay beamline solenoid, requires new captured NEG tube
  • please move buncher cavity downstream 33cm (midpoint position of chopping plane - 2cell)