October 15, 2020 - Weekly ME meeting

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Meeting Info =

We will meet Thursday @ 10am EDT via BlueJeans
Meeting URL (for video and/or audio call in): https://bluejeans.com/909497334
Phone number (for audio call in): 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 909497334#
Passcode : 2864   (anybody can then start the meeting)

Meeting October 15

From Joe, here is the latest on the AIPINJ magnets (priorities #5, #4, #2, #3, #1)
  • FX & FY solenoids (Everson Tesla): Mike QC’d the last shipment of magnets and spare coils. They passed and we have accepted all 10 solenoids and 4 coils. All ETI measurement data is within the +/-5 G-cm requirement. Will send out to Jay and Lakshmi. Invoices have been approved and paid. The tooling was also shipped and can be stored with us if needed.
  • DR dipole (Milhous): The 2nd half of the first article is being wound. ETA is next week. Will look to put on measurement stand ASAP.
  • HD (Technicoil): Stainless bobbins completed. Starting winding. On schedule to be finished by 10/23.
  • QW (Technicoil); No updates; will follow-up with Technicoil.
  • Wien Dipole (Carlos): Wien cores delivered to MMF shop. Mike will start the coil fit-up process with coils and vacuum chamber next week (10/19-10/23). Mike performs final assembly and measurements first two weeks of Nov. (11/3-11/13).
PSS kicker
  • Lakshmi completing analysis (due latest Monday) on PSS kicker using 3 types of conductor (reason for add'l work is long lead time availability of Plan A wire)
  • Jerry providing input on PSS power supply
  • We'll evaluate options and schedule soon, then pick a direction

Meeting October 8

Component status
Wien quads => due 11/20
Wien quads fixture parts => incomplete
Wien quad crosses => due 10/30
Wien quad tapped flanges => due 10/14
Wien filter fixtures => due 8/21 (????)
Wien filter rebuild => Carlos' 8-week rebuild => both due by 11/30 for HV testing
Wien viewer extension shafts => We have those
Prebuncher cavity => on track for 11/1
Prebuncher amp => due 10/29
Viewer plates and top hats => completed
Chromox viewers => due 10/8
Parts to rebuild remaining viewers => from Tony?
A1/A2 fixture parts => due 10/30
A1/A2 cube mods => completed
A1/A2 spools => due 9/25 (delivered?)
MHD coils => due 10/23
Girders => signed 9/22, due 10/23.....now 11/18
Pedestals => due 11/10
Gamma Ion Pumps => due 11/2
Lesker flanges => due 10/16
15 deg DR magnet => due 7/10 :(
Remaining Jobs
0      Layout & Points for Gun table + 2I pedestal => top priority
1	Viewer assembly fixture => Marcy has one, would like if a lighter color
2	Will NEG fit 25 l/sec IP on Y => Marcy will check, ask for ENG help if needed
3	Viewer garage dwg => Shaun gave to Danny
4	wien filter electrodes 1 piece => Keith getting ready to place order
5	A1/A2 assembly drawing => Shaun gave to Danny
6	MQW cross assembly/mounting parts => See Danny on Monday
7	PSS kicker magnet => Lakshmi will seutp meeting w/ Jerry/Joe is PLan A OK?
8	finish pre-buncher fab/weld => JOe to check
9	Wien filter girder assembly dwg => Gary updated.....give to Danny?
10	Aperture girder assembly dwg => Gary updated....give to Danny?
11	laser table/encl  => down the road
12	Installation drawings => Shaun still working on this...
13	MHD + MQW protective clamp shells => down the road
14	DR 15 deg dipole shim => Joe!!!
15	DR 15 deg dipole (backup) => FY21 budget updated