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Scalers: xscaler

"xscaler" is a graphical display of the scalers from the Mott DAQ.

Login to opsmdaq0 as the "idaq" user (ssh idaq@opsmdaq0). To run xscaler you must be in the correct directory. Go to /opt/idaq/xscaler and type ./xscaler there and do not forget the dot (.) and slash (/)

To re-compile xscaler: follow instructions in /opt/idaq/xscaler/COMPILE
     cd ./devel/hana_decode ; make clean ; make libdc.a 
     cd ./devel/hana_scaler ; make clean ; cp ../hana_decode/libdc.a libdc_local.a ; make xscaler
     cp xscaler ../..

Xscaler screen1.png

Xscaler screen2.png

Xscaler screen3.png

Dead Time: datamon

Datamon screen.png

There is a display to monitor the DAQ dead time. To run it use the idaq user on opsmdaq0. Type: datamon

Scaler Data written to EPICS

The scaler data which appears in xscaler (see above for xscaler) is also written to EPICS and archived. The data are rates in Hz.

idaq@opsmdaq0 > /opt/idaq/scaler/scaser/startScalEpics starts Scaler-to-Epics script if not already running.

The EPICS channels are of the form "Inj_ScalerN_ChM" where N = 1,2,3 and M = 1,2,3,4,...32. See xscaler for channels assignments. Also listed here:

To retrieve data from EPICS you can, for example, do this:

caget Inj_Scaler1_Ch24

Inj_Scaler1_Ch24 484195

The number here means 484195 Hz.

A softIOC named iocsoftmdaq was created that now holds EPICS records that used to live on the PIOC. Also a record named MottRunNumber was added.

Online Histogram Display (While CODA is running)

After starting a CODA run, log on opsmdaq0 using idaq user and from the idaq home directory and type: MottOnline. The source files are in: ~idaq/online

Two windows open, the smaller one have buttons to control the plot to see, the biggest one shows the plot to monitor.

Mott Online screen1.jpg

Online screen.png