September 7, 2016 - Monthly 4-Laser/4-Beams Status Meeting

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We will meet on Wednesday, Sept. 7th @ 10am in TL-1227 for our monthly 4-Laser/4-Beams Status Meeting.


1. Summer SAD Wrap Up - Remind ourselves what got accomplished, identify loose ends, dangling jobs, a good opportunity to say what went well, what didn't, etc.

  • Please put firmware version into alarm handler
  • Final read/edits of SCAM document (where to archive?)
  • User Mode (Tstart/Tstop) buggy? 160907.jpeg

2. Winter SAD Planning - Status of LLRF and plan to deploy new 4-channel 250/499 LLRF by next shutdown; a good opportunity to collect all jobs for winter SAD

  • Fall Run : Oct 1 - Dec 21 (A->A, B->D, C->C)
  • Winter SAD 2016 160907 WSAD2016.jpeg

3. Spring 2017 4-Beam Ops - A good place to have a dialogue about procedures, controls and beam tests that get us ready for 4-beam Operations.