Spring SAD 2019

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Remove Mott dump dipole
Test Vertical Wien filter for PREX spin flip
Measure PQB vs optical pulse shape
Measure chopper focal length vs. radial position
Measure Hall B laser circular polarization
Add HVPS burst disk, charge 60psi, set trip-points
Create new PV that is average of SF6 for alarm handler
PREX source setup (hel board, laser table, photocathode )
Gun2 photocathode exchange
Heat & activate Gun2 photocathode
Install new anode bias supply controls ISB
Reconfigure Hall D laser with PM pre-amp in ISB for testing
Bias Gun2 anode
Install helicity quad for testing
  • Joe is working on this one...
Injector as-found survey for upgrade
Store Bubble Chamber photon dump
Injector/Laser Room Chiller Maintenance