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  • Action items
  • Shukui wants a camera looking at the cathode, to aid steering the laser spot on the cathode.
  • QE : We have a QE scanner optics setup and chassis. We also have software in EPICS. Make sure to tight focus the scanning laser, and check to avoid space charge emission.
  • Order black cloth from Thor Labs to minimize room light reqaching the cathode.
  • TRace pico-motor cables for QE chassis
  • Also two TTL driving signals, talk J. Coleman
  • Chirs Gould to replace two damaged cameras.
  • Order two more Keithly pico-Ammeters, ask P. Francis / S. Higgins what kind.
  • Carlos to ask software to get Dump Kethley pA into EPICS.
  • Carlos to coordinate with John to short out Conditioning resistor for high current.
  • Milestones at the end of Summer:
    • Lifetime vs cathode recipe
    • QE (map/scan) correlated to cathode recipe
    • Emittance diagnostics fully commissioned for measurements (digitized camera images for spot size measurements)
    • EMittance measurements, solenoid scans, "beam drift", vs gun voltage, laser spot size, etc.