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== What do we need for connecting the beamline to the gunr? ==

  • Fixing the gun in its final position to the table
  • Install the anode
  • Install recently fabricated "viewer ports" anode flange
  • Install 4-1/2 inch valve between the anode flange and the beamline
  • The beamline height can be defined by the final height of the center line of the cathode, defined by gun-table assembly. We can then adjust the beamline height (80/20 adjustable feet) accordingly.
  • Can we do this with the existing beamline components before parts are ready to re-start high voltage testing? Who can do what? what help/assistance is needed? In parallel, we/I need to look for 2 DP more viewer screen, dump, steering coils, beampipe, hardware, what else???