UITF Meeting - April 3, 2019

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Injector Test Cave Shielding Installation Schedule

  1. March 18-19: SRF moves cryomodule on east side of UITF Roof to west side of UITF Roof. Done 3/18
  2. March 20: Load up Gravel Bags to southeast corner UITF Roof, Move cap block on rubble pier north of ODH Vent to northeast corner UITF Roof. Done 3/19
  3. March 18-22: Shoreline to Demo Rubble pier north of ODH Vent (after cap block removal). Remove wood ledger that interferes with SEG Block installation. Install concrete brick in 3” x 10” gap on north roof plank. Install gravel bags southeast corner UITF. Done 3/20
  4. March 22: SRF remove 2 cryomodules from UITF Roof. Done 3/21
  5. March 25-26: Close off Test Lab northeast door. Physics sets first level SEG Blocks. Start 3/22 Done 3/25
  6. March 25-26: Shoreline drills holes for support frame anchor bolts. Start 3/25 Done 3/27
  7. March 27-29: Physics installs second and third level SEG Blocks. Done 3/28
  8. March 27-29: Water Line relocation by MRI. Done 3/20
  9. April 1-5: SRF Transports Cryomodule, no materials handling to be done. Start 3/29 Done 3/30
  10. April 1-5: Shoreline installs steel frame. Test Lab northeast door opened up when done. Done 4/2
  1. April 8: Precast concrete is delivered and set in place. Delivery Now Scheduled For 4/9
  2. April 9: Shoreline to anchor precast.
  3. April 10: Physics to place ODH Vent south pier cap block onto roof and relocate ODH Vent “T” roof beam to north end of UITF Roof.
  4. April 11-12: SRF to move two cryomodules up to UITF Roof.
  5. April 15-16: Oneal Electric to restore power for welding receptacles and ground to ITC.
  6. April 19: Shoreline to place gravel bags north of ODH Vent north pier.