UITF Meeting - December 18, 2017

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UITF first beam on a viewer by December 22 2017

UITF Schedule - let's populate the new Zimbra calendar resource. Email Carlos, Matt, Joe or Marcy you planned activity, they will put it on the calendar. Do we want representatives from EES to authorize work?

Prep chamber and Gun:

  • Gun ready for 200keV beam!
  • DECARAD works! and has now replaced RadMon

What else to make “simple” beam? by Dec 22 2017?

  • Valves
    • There are a few manual valves anyway, so we can operate for now without EPICS control of the pneumatic valves.
  • Magnets
    • 12/15 - K. Banks to terminate magnets (4 Haimsons, 1 Solenoid, 1 Wien filter magnet) near the gun some time today
    • 12/15 - M. Beck hi-potting Wien coils, return to Phil for mounting on beam line
    • Gary - Can we review magnet limits and field maps? -Joe
    • Reminder for Joe : dipole settings for 200keV beam (MDS and MDI)
  • Feedthroughs:
    • Reminder: 50ohm load on Brock cavity
    • Reminder: Short the Wien HV feedthroughs
    • Reminder: RF cavities????
  • FSD
    • Comments from J. Kowal: "Scott will try to enter FSD info into UED tomorrow. He requested workspace yesterday but did not get to it today due to Accelerator issues. We'll review the signal names as well and get back with you. Matt was OK with the names but that may change once they see the screens".
  • BPMs
    • Scott placed 50 ohm terminators on all the BPM cans in the UITF.
  • Laser
    • VL inhibit to the SCAM?
  • CRYO
    • From last meeting: Cool down transfer line and 1/4 cryo-module to 80 K. Update?
  • Epics screens
    • Do we have a SAVE/RESTORE?

What else later? By Feb 5, hopefully sooner

  • BPMs
  • RF to buncher
  • RF to choppers
  • Water skids functional
  • OSP for buncher and choppers

By February 5, 2018

  • All cryo work complete
  • All High Power RF work complete
  • OSP for QCM approved
  • ODH assessment, vent can on relief stack, penetrations filled, etc,

To do:

  • Get another shed electrode made, since we will need this electrode for the gun we pull from the tunnel
  • GN2 manifolds, clean polyflo
  • Tools, tool boxes
  • Vacuum cabinet, with vacuum hardware
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dress ion pump cables


  • mA polarized beam lifetime tests, lifetime vs laser spot size (continue Joe’s work)
  • Other lifetime studies: vs gun voltage, vs active area (3, 5, 7 mm), vs color of light, vs photocathode thickness and cleave plane, bulk vs superlattice
  • Lifetime vs oxidant (NF3, N2O, O2)
  • GaAs activated with Cs and Li: bi-alkali lifetime tests
  • Wein as precipitator
  • GaAs/GaAsP with and without DBR, GaAsSb/AlGaAs, and GaAsSb/AlGaAsP photocathode lifetime tests
  • Add an H-cleaner to the prep chamber
  • Brock cavity bunchlength measurements, vs buncher power, pump/probe test