UITF Meeting - December 4, 2017

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UITF first beam on a viewer by December 22 2017

Prep chamber and Gun:

  • Loaded fresh bulk GaAs cathodes on puck 22 and 14, plus one strained GaAs in storage manipulator.
  • Both gun and prep chamber baked after replacing Cs channels and NF3 leak valve.
  • Gun high voltage conditioning in progress
  • Successfully activated a bulk GaAs photocathode link Details here

What else to make “simple” beam? by Dec 22 2017?

  • UITF keV region song sheet (version 16)
  • UED
  • Valves
    • Are those still in Manual mode? What is needed to have EPICS control?
  • Magnets
    • Magnet summary screen in EPICS DONE!
    • J. Grames working on setting up magnet hot checkout (K. Banks to terminate magnets near the gun, Wein, etc) polarity checks, B-magnitude measurements, etc
  • Viewers
    • B. Freeman: "So from the viewer screen I put one button that will launch my application (adviewer) with the first viewer. Use the drop down menu in the left hand corner to scroll through camera feeds. This will not be the final configuration of the viewer screen. I plan to add some more options for viewer applications. I will also document all of the URLs for each camera feed. But this should be enough to see the viewers. I have verified that they all work and connected to the "correct" viewer."
  • Video to control room, DONE!
  • Current monitoring at cup, dump and apertures. Cables connected to ammeters: DONE!
    • Comments from P. Francis: "Everything tested fine yesterday. FC1 and FC2 insert and retract fine and their current signal gets routed to the picoammeter when they are inserted. A3/A4/MS and D1 readbacks look fine. This system is ready for beam.
  • Gun HV control: DONE!
  • UHV ion pumps: DONE!
  • Decarad (in progress)
  • Water flow signal to fed card
    • From P. Francis: "All 3 installed flow switches are working: FC1/MS, A3/A4, FC2/D1. They show good status on FSD Electrical board at IOCITF1. 2 things left software screens and Fiber installed from FSD Electrical board over to FSD Fiber board in IOCITF2[1].
    • FC1/MS flow rate is .54 gpm with a trip point set at .44 gpm.
    • A3/A4 flow rate is .8 gpm with a trip point set at .5 gpm.
    • FC2/D1 flow rate is 1 gpm with a trip point set at .5 gpm.
    • (Phil is working on making a final water connection with A3/A4 water supply)
    • What else to fsd card? BLMs?
  • BPMs? RF?
    • Need to make sure all isolated structures are properly grounded (50 ohm termination) if not to be used during first beam tests.
    • RF to seed laser
    • Attenuator
    • Power meter
    • x/y stage
    • tune mode generator (SCAM?)
    • Comment from J. Hansknecht: "We have a laser with tune mode generator to generate VL beam. We have a working attenuator. We are VERY close to a working XY stage. Certainly will have it when conditioning is completed. PSS is ready, but the final shutters were not officially certified. (would this matter?) I think they like to certify with beam anyway. We can also certify into the laser power meter. It is functional and on the laser screen along with all other laser controls."
  • Epics screens
    • Do we have a SAVE/RESTORE?

What else later? By Feb 5, hopefully sooner

  • BPMs
  • RF to buncher
  • RF to choppers
  • Water skids functional
  • OSP for buncher and choppers

By February 5, 2018

  • All cryo work complete
  • All High Power RF work complete
  • OSP for QCM approved
  • ODH assessment, vent can on relief stack, penetrations filled, etc,

To do:

  • Get another shed electrode made, since we will need this electrode for the gun we pull from the tunnel
  • GN2 manifolds, clean polyflo
  • Tools, tool boxes
  • Vacuum cabinet, with vacuum hardware
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dress ion pump cables


  • mA polarized beam lifetime tests, lifetime vs laser spot size (continue Joe’s work)
  • Other lifetime studies: vs gun voltage, vs active area (3, 5, 7 mm), vs color of light, vs photocathode thickness and cleave plane, bulk vs superlattice
  • Lifetime vs oxidant (NF3, N2O, O2)
  • GaAs activated with Cs and Li: bi-alkali lifetime tests
  • Wein as precipitator
  • GaAs/GaAsP with and without DBR, GaAsSb/AlGaAs, and GaAsSb/AlGaAsP photocathode lifetime tests
  • Add an H-cleaner to the prep chamber
  • Brock cavity bunchlength measurements, vs buncher power, pump/probe test