UITF Meeting - January 29, 2018

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200keV Beam to both UITF dumps!

UITF Schedule - Zimbra calendar resource now functional. Add uitf-schedule to your zimbra calendar to see cae lock-up dates/times, etc.


  • Choppers are being conditioned by Mark and Larry. Thanks!
    • What is status of 1X/1Y and 2X/2Y?
    • When do you estimate to complete conditioning for 200 keV beam (75 Watts RF power on choppers), at least 1X/2X
    • We'll need screens/guidance to operate choppers - how's that going?
  • Valves
    • When will the two MDC valves have status read back?
  • FSD
    • Performed software functionality test in UITF control room last week.
    • What else is needed for full functionality?

  • BPMs
    • Cables installed and terminated.
    • Status on hardware, firmware, and EPICS software?
    • We need them operational and reading in EPICS before running beam in Tune Mode
  • CRYO
    • From last meeting: Cool down transfer line and 1/4 cryo-module to 80 K.
    • Estimated time to complete?
    • Update: D. Bullard completed installation of guard vacuum relief vent outside the cave
    • UPDATES: cryogenic connections?
  • RF
    • Update on RF for Quarter Cryo Module?
    • Estimate time to complete?
    • UPDATES: Klystron connections?

Epics screens Working with T. Larrieu and team on SAVE/RESTORE.

Matt is working on OSP for buncher and choppers

By February 5, 2018:

All cryo work complete All High Power RF work complete OSP for QCM approved ODH assessment, vent can on relief stack, penetrations filled, etc,