UITF Meeting - June 15, 2018

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Tasks before running beam to HDIce for target commissioning

  1. Mechanical design, full time for next ~ 4 months, then intermittently (i.e., Shaun Gregory and company)
  2. Suggest we use the Vacuum Group to build the MeV beamline (my group can help)
  3. Cryo: install the helium return line, or be content to vent the helium to the test lab
  4. SRF, need a point of contact for all things related to QCM operation, it's still confusing to me who to talk to
  5. Electrical engineering: design and build the PSS BCM, our "credited control" to limit beam current/loss and prevent accidental exposure to xrays
  6. Electrical engineering: stripline BPMs, get them to work (not the pA BPMs were were talking about today)
  7. Magnet group: give us a third trim card rack
  8. RF group: klystrons, high power amplifier, solid state amp, water skids
  9. SSG to incorporate high power RF interlocks into PSS, recertify
  10. Vashek: finish specifying the shielding requirements, then we start moving lead
  11. RCG to install all CARMs and electronics
  12. R&D related to low current BPMs, suggest Andy take this on, with help from Engineering
  13. Operations Group should augment Joe's modeling, using a particle tracking code
  14. Safety: OSP for buncher, OSP for MeV beam, PSS BCM credited control documentation, UITF Accelerator Operations Directive, Conduct of Operations, Accelerator Readiness review, lots of documents, lots of reviews
  15. Gun group needs to build a new photogun
  16. Need to operate the UITF on a daily basis.....
  17. Need access to liquid helium for weeks long periods of time (i.e., competition with LCLS)