UITF Meeting - June 3, 2018

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UITF status, priority tasks:

  1. Commission the buncher and the new SSA, power to ~ 1kW. Valves on either side of buncher Closed, monitor pressure/ion pump current. UHV supplies can only provide 100uA, we can install a bigger ion pump power supply to provide more current, keep the ion pump current less than 1 mA. RadCon needs to be informed. Field emission can generate x-rays.
  2. Curt to estimate the maximum acceleration the buncher can provide, Poelker to summarize buncher in a document.
  3. Finish the klystron racks, commission the RF system using loads, i.e., not the QCM
  4. SSG to update PSS to incorporate high power RF, verify functionality, re-certify
  5. Finish the straight ahead waist height MeV beamline: Phil/Marcy bake the short section near QCM and remove the clean hood. Start building the rest of the line, however we still need one more section of 80/20 girder
  6. Shaun, design the spectrometer beamline and detail the two sections of 80/20 girder needed to complete all waist-height beamline
  7. Meet with HDIce and finish the layout of elevated beamline. Finalize position of HDIce stand
  8. Installation to grout the location of the HDIce stand
  9. SRF move CMs from top of cave2, Physics to move ceiling and install the in-beam cryostat for HDIce target, June or July?
  10. Dipole magnets (two vertical, one horizontal) installed on fixtures, mapped, set on 80/20 girder
  11. Flanges added to vertical chicane vacuum chambers
  12. Put another gun together, positioned on table, move pucks from prep to gun and back again, align the mask, one last bakeout of gun and prep chamber.
  13. Matt to provide specifications for UITF PSS BCM, Engineering to design and build it, SCMB to bless it
  14. Documentation: PSS BCM Credited Control, MeV OSP, Conduct of Operations, Accelerator Readiness Review, Accelerator Operations Directive,….
  15. Stripline BPMs
  16. More UHV supplies
  17. Pockel cell on laser table
  18. Evaluate the fields inside Wien filter at settings appropriate for 200kV beam. Modify the chamber if there are regions of high field. Process the Wien at 200keV beam settings
  19. Vashek specify shielding at trenches and elsewhere, CIS to move lead brick, RCD to verify shielding and add labels
  20. RCG to install all CARMs