UITF Meeting - March 20, 2019

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HDIce task list

  1. Replace 3” pipe with 2.5” pipe, so we can add haimsons to beamline, magnets we have on hand? Or bring over steering magnets from LERF
  2. Build the apertures, with motorized bellows actuators like the chopper master slit, use radmon to detect beam loss and incorporate this as fsd
  3. Add ion pump with pump out port to the beamline between last valve and HDIce
  4. Raster magnets on beamline: Omar and Gunning and William Wei, Phil and Gary to provide the mounting shelf
  5. pA BPMs, modulate current at kHz frequency with tune mode generator, make another flange mount? Or maybe we purchased two already
  6. Catwalk
  7. Solenoid/dipole dump (pull dipole from the injector, have it mapped)