UITF Meeting - November 7, 2018

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draft sequence of components for MeV beamlines:: media:MeV spreadsheet items in sequence.xls

Haimson inventory (17 available steering magents, but perhaps not the ideal number of small large):

4 sets of little Haimsons in the cave MHB
    • 1 pair of outer coils
    • 1 inner coil (not a pair)
4 sets of large Haimsons in the cave MBH
    • 1 outer pair
3 sets of little Haimsons in the ISB mag cabinet MHB (two sets look pretty brown)
4 sets of large Haimsons in the ISB mag cabinet
    • 1 outer pair
2 sets of mysterious black Haimson-style magnets in Carlos' office, larger version like MBH
MAT CEBAF style steering magnets for 2.5" pipe, note from Sarin Philips to Mike Tiefenback

Good Morning Mike,

Matt Polker has requested we move some of the presently "unused/unpowered" MAT magnets in the BSY enclosure for use in UITF.

The magnets he'd like to move from CEBAF to UITF are:

  • MAT1C04V
  • MAT1C05H
  • MAT1C06H
  • MAT1C06V
  • MAT1C07H
  • MAT1C07V
  • MAT1C07AV
  • MAT3C02V
  • MAT3C04H
  • MAT3C07V

I informed him that they may be needed for future accelerator needs, but I don't know when or why.

DC power don't own the magnets and don't want to move them without some approval/review from the magnet system owners. What are your thoughts on this request?

Thank you, Sarin