UITF Operation How To's

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Using UITF Alarm Handler

  • Alarms document maintained by Ops
  • Template alarm describes configuration options
  • This software on-call wiki describes the known issues with the alarm handler system. And some common problems and their solutions.

SRF Trip (SEL => GDR)

  • Procedure for recovering from a “trip”, where trip means the rf switches from GDR mode to SEL mode. We can’t drive beam in SEL mode
  1. Hit master reset on expert page
  2. Close the switch
  3. Wait for the discriminator value to become small, then switch to GDR mode using the “seltogdr” button
  4. Don’t resend beam until you see Gmeas = to GSet, this takes about a minute
  5. Clear the FSD assuming the BLMs are not masked, look for beam on viewer