UITF status: October 8, 2019

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  1. HDIce repaired and re-installed the IBC
  2. to accomplish this feat, scaffolding was installed at north side cave2 rooftop for rigger exit following tile removal
  3. Gun group removed the modified shed cathode electrode from UITF gun and installed it at CEBAF, where it exhibited lots of field emission even at low voltage, ~ 70kV. Krypton processing was not helpful at CEBAF. So the original CEBAF tee electrode was removed from the UITF gun and re-installed at CEBAF!! Presently there is no electrode inside the UITF gun
  4. the Wien was removed from UITF beamline, it now sits besides the beamline where Gabriel is testing new electrical feedthroughs for planned 200 keV ops
  5. Phil baked the waist height MeV beamline, and much of the waist height beamline is now under epics control
  6. Phil reworked the elevated beamline layout per Andy's request. He is installing the nanoA bpm ragowski coil, and then elevated beamline is done, it can be baked
  7. Shaun and Bill have nearly finished the design of HDIce dump with solenoid magnet, people are working to install the big current supply that requires LCW cooling, Facilities might need to upgrade the Building 58 LCW system
  8. Bob May submitted the revised ASE for approval to DOE, Mary Logue itemized what must be done before we can ask DOE for permission to commission.

note from Mary:

Hi Matt,

Next Steps are:

1. Receive approval of ASE by TJSO.

2. Stuart signs UITF ARR Report.

3. Completion of and verification by QA of the 2 pre-start actions (Note: They will get entered into CATS as soon as report is signed, but work on the pre-start actions doesn't need to wait for that)

a) Establish operator proficiency levels as required the the 6/27/2019 UOD document . Post the list of qualify operators in the control room. Must be updated and differentiate between the classes of operator's skills and assigned tasks

b) Revise and approve the UOD, FSAD and ASE consistent with Jefferson Lab safety analyses and management processes.

The FSAD has been revised/approved (only needed my signature) and ASE have been revised. We are awaiting approval of ASE.

Then we can request permission to commission.