Vortex meeting - December 14, 2016

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Based on your feedback we will meet this Wednesday Dec. 14th at 4pm EDT. We'll meet locally in CEBAF Center F-Wing Rm. 224-225 and by phone/video conference call using BlueJeans (info below). Since the purpose of this meeting is to discuss an upcoming NSF funding opportunity I'd like to take a few minutes at the beginning to set the stage. However, since we haven't met in awhile and there are some new faces joining it would be nice to then go "around the room" to take a few minutes and share recent activities or interest. Afterwards, we can return to discussing how we may consider to organize our OAM interests, and see if some can be refined for a proposal.

Blue Jeans and Wiki

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers: http://bluejeans.com/numbers
Meeting ID: 528061628#
Web connection for desktop sharing: https://bluejeans.com/528061628
Wiki : https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/Vortex_meeting_-_December_14,_2016


Dipangkar Dutta MSU, Ben McMorran UO and Joe Grames JLAB began discussing OAM electron beam for NP @ CEBAF for DIS with proton target
Ben invited to JLAB for seminar and discussion on OAM collaboration
Yoshitaka introduced himself at IPAC'15 discussed collaborating to produce gamma OAM
We developed an R&D plan to develop an e- OAM source and to test with Mott scattering (100-300keV), with support for OAM gamma R&D
Submitted proposal to NSF Research Opportunities in Accelerator Stewardship for 3 year $500k
Yoshitaka arrived in April for two year stay at JLAB, to pursue OAM gamma experiment at JLAB
During year working group grew w/ Dave Gaskell (Compton polarimeter) and Shukui Zhang (OAM laser)
Yoshitaka presenting case for OAM gamma @ SPIN'15 and JLAB theory
Good result => making connections with broader group of people (Geoff Krafft JLAB/ODU, Andrei Afanasev GWU, Carl Carlson W&M)
Recently Andrew Hutton JLAB discussing w/ JLab Theory and ODU Physics to strengthen a case for next NSF Accelerator Science funding opportunity:
  • Views OAM gamma experiment as most direct path for NP physics application (provided sufficient theory motivation)
  • NSF can support a new tool/device within DOE lab
  • Good overlap with Yoshitaka's remaining visit at JLAB
  • Funding providing some R&D funds for vortex electron beam, but paves path for future proposal
Next NSF FOA is due Feb. 1, quite soon. Topics...
  • Physics theory motivation
  • Proposed experiment
  • Simulation motivation (parameter values)
  • OAM laser (OAM generation, stored power)
  • Gamma/OAM detection
  • Electron vortex R&D
  • Discussion at JLAB about realistic logistics (CEBAF, LERF, Hall C Compton, etc)
If we agree on a proposal, we should similarly submit for JLAB FY18 LDRD funding opportunity, March LOI, late April proposal, Oct award


Yoshitaka's Slides - media:Meeting_VortexBeams_20161214.pdf
Dipangkar's Slides from SPIN2016 -media:Spin2016_dutta.pdf