Wednesday August 6, 2014

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We will meet in TL 2236 on Wednesday August 6 at 3:30 pm EST.

For those calling in we'll use the Blue Jeans [1] audio conference system.

Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Meeting ID: 3528502673#
Meeting URL:


1- Bubble Chamber progress at Argonne

2. (Grames) JLab Update

Design, installation and released mechanical drawings (dipole + beam line) are here \group\bubble\grames
Fabrication status
Installation status
  • Injector power restored 2 days ago, can resume work
  • Phil coordinating Alignment + Installation groups for new points & pedestals (in hand)
  • Vacuum parts assembly will begin soon, tunnel installation date TBD
  • Instrumentation hook-ups and cable pulls by ~Labor Day
  • Fast valve controls group resolving design issue (no impact w/ thick radiator)
  • Dipole magnet due mid-August (measurement and controls group ready); install depends on turn-around time
  • Bench BPM position calibration (one done, one to go)
Commissioning status
  • Provided punch list to Director of Ops (vacation until mid-August)
  • High level goals are beam line functionality & 100uA at highest energy on radiator
  • Contacted Medical Imaging group (Jay's suggestion) regarding Brem characterization

Notes from this meeting:

  • Bubble Chamber: Next to try differentially cooled mercury (at meniscus, N2O will not be superheated).