Wednesday October 23, 2013

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We will meet in TED 2561B on Wednesday October 23 at 3:00 pm EST.

For those calling in we'll use the ReadyTalk audio conference system.

1. Dial Toll-Free Number: 866-740-1260 (U.S. & Canada)
2. Enter 7-digit access code 4402297, followed by “#”


1- Progress at JLab:

 - Chris Tennant will develop an ELEGANT model of the beamline and help characterize the beam coming out of the 1/4 cryo unit
 - Shaun Gregory started the design work for the experiment
 - Jay Benesch is designing a new dipole to achieve the requirements on absolute beam energy
 - George Kharashvili will help with the electron dump design and FLUKA simulation

2- A new "5 MeV" Dipole media:new_5Mev_dipole.pdf media:new_5Mev_dipole.doc

3- Planned beam studies this Fall:

 - Measure beam energy in the 5D line (Bubble Chamber mini-beamline)
 - Measure beam properties coming out of the 1/4 cryo unit
 - Increase gradient of 1/4 cryo unit to achieve 8.5 MeV kinetic energy in the Injector. During PEPPo, achieved 8.25 MeV/c, 
 or 7.75 MeV kinetic energy
 - Measure radiation levels (gamma and neutron) vs beam energy and search for any activation
 - Measure beam current with BCM0L02 and find error on the charge over the range from 1 nA to 100 µA
 - (please see attached note on current monitoring: media:TPC07.pdf )
Bubble Chamber mini-beamline

Drawings: media:mini_beamline1.pdf media:mini_beamline2.pdf

4- Bubble Chamber progress at Argonne

Notes from this meeting:

  • New Dipole Magnet:
- We do not need to replace the vacuum chamber
- With this new dipole, we will achieve the required accuracy on beam energy
- We are also buying a new Hall probe and a new power supply
- Things to do: 
  a. Layout the beam trajectories on the vacuum chamber, do we need to shorten the magnet in Z?
  b. Where can we find the steel we need? 
  c. Drawings of the new magnet.
  • Beam Studies:
- The 1/4 cryo unit is limited by the waveguide vacuum and field emission.
- Need to helium process the 1/4 cryo to achieve higher gradient. This takes two days and can be planned for January 2014
  • Bubble Chamber Update:
- Added new LED light so the camera can see clearly the inside of the chamber
- Did the high-pressure test of the phase separator
- New Chiller has been ordered that can reach -40oC
- The final volume of mercury is 135 mL
- The 208 VAC (30 A) outlet for the Compressor is ready 
  (208V 3phase 4 pole 5 conductor 30A power receptacle, the plug on the equipment is a NEMA L21-30).
- What is the wall power requirement for the new Chiller? Two pole, three wire 208V, NEMA 6-15 plug, 8A