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(Items for discussion:)
(New items for discussion:)
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* Facility requirements for beam line installation (cooling water for solenoid magnet)
* Facility requirements for beam line installation (cooling water for solenoid magnet)
* ERR timeline and committee
* ERR timeline and committee
* Specify beam line near FCup3 (Matt)
==== <u>Reports on Open Action Items:</u> ====
==== <u>Reports on Open Action Items:</u> ====

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Meeting Information

The meeting will be on Thursday January 14, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT.


To connect to the meeting, please do the following:

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1] https://bluejeans.com/946721076.
  2. To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: (bjn.vc) and enter the meeting ID: 946721076.
  3. To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 946721076.
    • Dial Either +1 408 740 7256 or +1 888 240 2560 for US or Canada



Rough timetable:

  1. Until CMTF testing: UITF will be locked up daily to improve the rf performance of the booster, measure optics, learn how to beta-match across the booster, etc.
  2. CMTF tests with C75-1 (mid-March - mid-April). Gigi: CMTF schedule / testing duration
  3. UITF beamline Modification in parallel to install new beamline
  4. First commissioning of water irradiation beamline in May??? (goal)


EES-RF: Troubleshooting Booster behavior (Status Update)

EES-DC: QD/QJ quads okay by Meyers for no water cooling up to 10A (revisit if fields higher than that are required)

SSG: Known MPS nodes to add:

  • Fast valve
  • Solenoid current window comparator (perhaps needed?, worst case: small window temp rise)
  • BCM over current trip set point. MPS/PSS BCM similar to CEBAF injector; find receiver and determine implementation at UITF

EES-IC: media: I&C tasks ver1.docx

  • New Action item: List all the tasks we have for Engineering: I&C, DC power, SSG and provide as much notice as possible. [McCaughan]

New items for discussion:

  • Validation of QPs and cavity gradient settings during UITF operation until mid-March
  • Facility requirements for beam line installation (cooling water for solenoid magnet)
  • ERR timeline and committee
  • Specify beam line near FCup3 (Matt)

Reports on Open Action Items:

  1. Meet on a bi-weekly basis? Meetings organized & Agenda issued (McCaughan)
  2. Matt/Camille identify Work Coordinator and Facility Manager for this work. Work Coordinator/Facility Manager: Organize the ERR. Gigi and Team will respond to all ERR committee questions and issues. Harry Fanning will be our facilitator. (McCaughan)
  3. SRF CMTF schedule timetable verification for experiment (Gigi)
  4. MPS BCM installation/implementation (Cole/Metcalf)
  5. Beamline hardware inventory verification [magnet mounts, 80/20 pieces and flange v-blocks, etc.] Ensure everything we need is on-hand. (Gregory)
  6. Procurement arrival of large bore Haimsons (Poelker): 5 sets built by Stangenes on order
  7. Pb brick shielding study/design for Faraday Cup3. [Isolate FC3 in separate cross to simplify implementation of lead brick shielding & move downstream. Order by Apr. from Mars Metal] (Gregory)
  8. Update drawings / configuration database to reflect beamline changes [FC3 region, BCM, etc.]
    • Songsheets (Mechanical Engineering)
    • Quick Reference Drawing (Forman)
    • UED (Individual EES groups / System owners)
  9. Training: Learn how to deliver beam, and to participate in optics measurements (Xi Li)
  10. List in detail the magnet modifications; need soon for EES-DC (Identification of magnet types, channels, and cards. For example, how many steering magnets with 1 A cards, the quad needs a 10 amp card, what current supply does the solenoid need? [Probably not a trim card]) (Xi Li/Yan Wang)
  11. Identify operating current of the solenoid magnet to determine requirement of trim card or a stand-alone power supply (Xi Li)
  12. Acquire permission to use the HDIce “control room” to enable participation > 2 two people (Poelker)
  13. List all beamline modifications which require breaking vacuum: vacuum hardware, including fixing harp M703, etc. (Poelker)
  14. CAD layout update includes all mods in 12 (Poelker / Gregory)
  15. Post all magnet family field maps on our UITF wiki? By all, I mean field maps for every style magnet used at UITF. https://wiki.jlab.org/ciswiki/index.php/Technical_Areas (Xi Li) [UED?]
  16. Identification of experimental beam energies and currents: 8 MeV/c beam at 100nA? Plans to vary the beam current and/or energy? (Ciovati)
  17. Vacuum work (Poelker, Xi, and Hannes)
  18. Flesh out a run plan that includes radiation measurements, to get approval to operate > 25 nA average current that is the present RadCon limit (Ciovati, McCaughan, ERR, RCG)

Unassigned Tasks

  • Ion pump procurement if necessary
  • YAG screen: Verify 2” diameter; procure if necessary
  • X-ray image intensifier behind the sample? With camera. Do we have the image intensifier film?

Other business? Do we need an acronym/Experiment name? Wastewater Experimental Treatment (WET)? Other?)

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