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  1. [Gabriel's talk on 200 keV Wien and photo-gun for BNL seminar


  1. Mason Stoecker, Virginia Tech summer intern, "Computation of Bremsstrahlung Radiation and Ionization Phenomenon in a CEBAF LINAC", media:Mason Stoecker gas brem poster.pptx
  2. Max Herbert, Technical University Darmstadt, "Photo-CATCH – A Test Facility for the S-DALINAC Polarized Injector", building the Darmstadt University 200 kV inverted photogun, media:M Herbert 200kV photogun.pptx


  1. Elliott Holliday ODU REU program, "Creation of Jefferson Lab 200 kV Electron Gun Upgrade (poster)", media:Elliott Holliday REU 2017 poster.pptx, Media:Elliott Holliday REU 2017 paper.docx
  2. Anahi Segovia, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexican Accelerator Physics program, "Assembling NEG, Ion Pump and Bakeable BNNT Cryopump System to Reach XHV", Media:Anahi_poster_final.pdf, Media:Anahi_paper_final.pdf


  1. Maria Hernandez-Flores (aka Chio), "Effects of Vacuum on the Performance of Cryo-cooled Bialkali Antimonide Photocathodes Grown on Niobium Substrate", media:Chio's poster.pptx
  2. Tarek Eisa (High School Summer Honors Program), "Pull Force Measurements of the Magnetized Beam Solenoid", media:Tarek's poster.pptx
  3. Ben Hardy, Bowling Green State University (ODU REU program) "Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect in a Magnetized Electron Gun" Magneto-optical Kerr Effect, Media:HardyFinalReport.docx, media:HardyFinalPoster.pptx
  4. Adriana Canales, "Multi-Alkali photocathodes performance in a DC 300 kV inverted geometry electron gun", media:canales_final.pdf


  1. Edgar Morales, "Temperature Effect on CsK2Sb Photocathode over a novel Niobium Substrate", media:Edgar's poster.pptx
  2. Andrés Sánchez Pérez, "Simion Modeling for the Design of the Electron Transport System for the Micro-Mott Polarimeter", media:Andres' poster.pptx