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  • All of the electrode components are on hand and stored in the cabinet outside TL1337 clean room
  • Ball electrode shell, shed, from Pierce end, and back end (original, no holes) are polished and clean
  • If the GTS HV test show the electrode back end with holes poses no problem with enhanced gradient, we may use that back end style, but it need to be polished. It is in Bubba's office. This is a picture of the assembled GTS electrode showing the back end with the three holes.
Electrode assembly on white R30 back end view zoom.jpg
  • A brand new pure alumina R30 insulator is welded to a 10" CF flange. This flange is the latest design with holes for S&A tooling, and was vacuum fired at 400 C for about 50 hours. Thee flange-ceramic assembly is stored in our HV cabinet (# 9).
  • We should do a leak check of the ceramic assembly.
  • The electrode needs to be put together onto the R30 pure alumina assembly.
  • Use dummy puck and hand over electrode-insulator assembly to S&A
  • At this point electrode assembly will be ready for installation in the 18" gun HV chamber

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