18" Photogun ala GTS

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Timeline 2022

  • April - finish design & assembly of Wien and Mott hardware, finish 200 KV HV vac work
  • May - install Wien/Mott UITF, finish 200 KV gun assembly, restore polarized laser UITF
  • June - install 200 keV gun, bake, big job, goal is making beam by ~July 4th weekend
  • July - make 200 keV polarized beam, calibrate the Mott, using ~nA beam and U-Wien
  • Aug - install Compton in MeV section, run keV beam as needed
  • Sep/Oct - calibrate Compton, two separate ~week long runs

  • 200kV Gun w-CIS-ASY-R30-3 (2) iso.png