GTS meeting 12 14 20

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Work plan for December - January

  • Notes:
    • LERF is getting its own magnet power supply. We have GTS Gun Solenoid power supply from now on.
    • Xelera is in no rush to take back TGun. Gun will stay at JLab as long as there is use for it.

  • Plans:
    • December: re-connect beamline magnet corrector; re-assemble TGun enclosure; PSS certification.
    • January: disconnect turbo and add pinch-off copper tube; beamline magnet racks and trim cards ON; Run 1 mA beam.

  • Beam Tests (if 1 mA run is successful):
    • TE011 cavity test
    • Vent gun HV chamber; remove Kr line; re-activate cathode; ion trapping test.