March 1, 2021 - DC/Magnet Installation Kickoff

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Meeting Info =

We will kick-off the Phase 1 magnet installation following Steve's Monday at 1330 SAD discussion.


Installation status
  • Schedule
    • Transition from vac/mech to girder hook-ups planned to begin April 5 (5 weeks from today)
    • We may be ready early by 1 or 2 weeks (no sooner than mid-March)
    • Total of 4 weeks are allocated for girder hook-ups (Apr 5 - Apr 30) w/ HCO/System readiness for everything up to FC#2
  • What to expect in tunnel?
    • Similar mechanical layout => Gun + 3 girders (Y + Wien + A1/A2)
    • There is now a 3D CAD model from gun to chopper, I can share pics or see Gary Hays or Shaun Gregory
    • Similar utilities => LCW (A1/A2) + Air (Bubba/Phil) + Cable trays (above & on girder) + 3 cable bundle drops (Y, Laser, Chopper)
DC/Magnet Jobs
Software Jobs
  • CED
  • Apps
  • Screens
  • What else for software?
Other magnet jobs
  • (JM) Complete magnet table I circulated
  • (JM/LL) Initial QW measurement and assessment (sufficient for CED), summarized for Gary
  • (RS/GC) FG solenoid special hysteresis for Gary
  • (RS/MJ) Magnet info for Inj Steer spin calculations
  • (JM/JG) Decision on spare DR fabrication and alignment
  • (LL/JK/JM) PSS kicker - does MMF have any responsibility here, maybe just PSS?
  • (LL/JM) Second QW measurement, what's the scope here?
  • (JM) When is the rotating coil stand ready?
  • (JM/LL) Reconciling MHD discrepancy
  • (LL) Report on QW
  • (LL) Report on HD
  • (LL) Report on PSS kicker
CIS Magnet Jobs