March 9, 2020 - Resource meeting

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Tally components by systems media:200209_ResourceMeeting.xlsx

Correctors (21 pairs , down from 23 pairs)

  • Will re-use existing MBH (long Haimson), MHB (short Haimson), MHD (on A1 cube), and eliminate MAD in favor of another type
  • Total number of H/V pairs is 21 (goes down by 2 pair, so should free up 4 channels)

Dipoles (2: same number)

  • PO written for 1+1 new 15 deg dipole fits on 3" OD pipe (replaces existing similar MDS fits on 2.5" pipe)
  • 500 keV spectrometer dipole (MBO) will either be re-used as-is, possibly modified for taller vacuum chamber aperture

Solenoids (11: same number)

  • Gun to Chopper region : retain two FG solenoids + upgrade the FH, FB, FQ with three new FX solenoids
  • Chopper : retain two FA solenoids captured to chopper cavities + upgrade the two FD solenoids with two new FY solenoids (TBD: one or two PS)
  • Chopper to Booster : upgrade FA, FL with two new FX solenoids

Quadrupoles (6: same number)

  • Replace existing 6 quads (types QW, QU) with two new triplets (3Q), under design now
  • If design is late or does not come to fruition, may retain the 6 quads we have now
  • Right now, retain one skew quad MQS0I07, but should be eliminated by improved Booster module

Earth Coils (2: same number)

  • One coil across chopper
  • One coil across chopper-booster

Wien Filters (2: same number, Vertical then Horizontal)

  • PO written for 2+1 pairs of 200 keV coils to retrofit on dipole steel
  • New electrodes under test at UITF

Viewer/Camera combos (13: same number)

  • Same in each region, go figure
  • YAG screens at TBD locations, metal markings on rear, metalized face for charge, Marcy getting bids from Radiabeam

BPM's (15, up from 11)

  • Gun to Chopper : increase count by one, and we're thinking on a standardized 2.5" OD w/ Haimson for first three after gun
  • Chopper to Booster : increase count by three, Phil is tallying available spare cans, need another BPM crate?!? :(

Harps (2, down from 3)

  • Gun to Chopper - one harp, removed an unpowered harp)
  • Spectrometer - retain harp

Current monitored apertures (8: same number)

  • Retain two insertable Faraday cups (PCUP, FC1); retain same hardware crash inhibit function
  • Retain some one spectrometer dump (DL)
  • A1 = retain, but would like remote linear control (has manual linear control)
  • A2 = retain as-is, PSS function
  • MS = retain, improve linear bellows
  • A3 = retain, as-is PSS function
  • A4 = retain, as-is PSS function

Grounded apertures (4: same number)

  • Chopping apertures A,B,C on improved linear bellows assembly, with new stepper controls
  • Central plug

Cavity monitors (1: reduced by 1)

  • Gun to chopper - Remove Brock cavity
  • Chopper to booster - Retain YAO cavity

RF (same, w/o capture)

  • Prebuncher - existing SS or new Cu cavity; will need new amplifier, evaluating in GPT then convert to gradient/Watts
  • Choppers 1/2 - same, new spare amplifiers purchased already
  • Buncher - retain
  • Warm capture - remove
  • SRF - replace 5+5 w/ 2+7

PSS (same number)

  • PSS kicker, retain - verify good for 200 keV at proposed location
  • A3/A4 - retain as-is
  • 500 keV dipole - modify limits for 200 + buncher keV inj seg mode only, and if dipole height increased

Vacuum valves (7, increased by 1)

  • Gun to chopper - same three valves, but last viton valve VBV0I02 will become 2-3/4" all metal
  • Chopper to booster - increase w/ new viton valve after chopper to improve vacuum isolation for venting chopper
  • Spectrometer - retain valve

Vacuum ion pumps (17, reduce by 4)

  • Gun to chopper - retain same number, using UHV supplies
  • Chopping chamber - retain chopper cavities, reduce pump on chamber
  • Chopper to booster - reduce by 4, should all be on capture
  • Spectrometer - retain 1

Bullets from last meeting...

  • New 200kV small shed cathode electrode at machine shop (like electron at UITF)
  • New gun 10" anode flange being designed to locate a steering coil closer to the gun
  • Phil/Marcy starting to NEG coat vacuum chambers; need a 1kW sputtering PS that works (1 kV, 1 mA)
  • PO for 200 kV injector solenoids written (delivery April - June)
  • Shaun designed alignment fixture for new beam line solenoids
  • PO for 200 kV Wien magnet coils written (delivery March)
  • Success applying +/- 20kV to UITF Wien! Testing w/ better vacuum comes next...
  • PO to be written for new 15 deg dipole next week
  • Chase assigning new names for dipole and solenoids
  • Starting to study which laser vacuum window to use 2-3/4" as-is, or 4-1/2"
  • Curt waiting on kV spec for prebuncher @ 200 kV, for Watt in S.S. cavity
  • Reza/Alicia/Dennis evaluating re-ordering of layout
  • Looking at installing valve downstream of chopper #2 this down, possibly during fc#1 repair
  • Gary Cheng inquiring about checking cryo lines between QCM and Booster
  • 5D beam line will be removed
  • Neil/Anthony working plan to build table to move QCM/Booster




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