May 17, 2022 - updates

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  1. Anode flange designed based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • The used zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges from the GTS that looks it has a been baked many times has been machined and is ready for welding the two tubes for the mini-CF HV feedthroughs
  2. Screen Design
    • Bubba made screen sections based on Shaun's drawings from thin and thick wire mesh
    • Marcy and Carlos looked at the screen sections fit inside the HV chamber, Carlos to talk to Bubba for making new screen sections. Goal is to finish this job by the end of this week.
    • Standoffs with holes, screws and washers have been cleaned and are being used for thee screen fit up.
    • Once the screen is finalized, all pieces must be UHV cleaned and vacuum fired.
  3. Define layout for installation in CEBAF injector
  4. Clean room in LERF Lab 3A
    • Clean room has been cleared off
    • Lights have been replaced
    • Next is to clean up the clean room and keep it clean
    • Carlos verified that there is nitrogen available in Lab 3A
  5. Other items

Useful documents


TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite