May 18, 2017 - Mott Group meeting

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We'll meet Thursday May 18 @ 2:00pm EDT in TL-2221 and by BlueJeans, details below:

Meeting Wiki,_2017_-_Mott_Group_meeting

5/18/17 Analysis Update Slides -- media:05.18.17_Analysis.pdf

Analysis Tech Note Draft 5/17/17 (read-only pdf)-- File:05.17.17 AnalysisCode TN.pdf Analysis Tech Note Draft 5/17/17 (editable .docx, please forgive formatting errors from conversion) -- File:05.17.17 Analysis TN Draft.docx

Draft asymmetry extrapolation tech note File:5.16.17 asym techNote.docx

Blue Jeans

Toll Free Phone number: 1-888-240-2560
Int'l Call Phone numbers:
Meeting ID: 764593615#
Web connection for desktop sharing:


Link to the tech notes...