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Journal Publications

  • J. M. Grames, C. K. Sinclair, M. Poelker, X. Roca-Maza, M. L. Stutzman, R. Suleiman, Md. A. Mamun, M. McHugh, D. Moser, J. Hansknecht, B. Moffit, and T. J. Gay, "High precision 5 MeV Mott polarimeter", Phys. Rev. C 102, 015501 – Published 6 July 2020 media:PhysRevC.102.015501.pdf

Conferences, Workshops and Meetings



  • T. Gay, "High-Precision 5-MeV Mott Polarimetry at the JLab Injector", SPIN 2016 @ UIUC, Sep 26-30, 2016 media:SPIN16_Gay.pdf






  • J. Grames et al., "Unique electron polarimeter analyzing power comparison and precision spin-based energy measurement", Phys. Rev. ST-AB 7, 042802 (2004) Media:PhysRevSTAB.7.042802.pdf
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Technical Notes


X.Roca-Maza, "Theoretical calculations for precision polarimetry based on Mott scattering"
EPL 120 (2017) 33002 (February 2, 2018), media:Roca-Maza_2017_EPL_120_33002.pdf


X.Roca-Maza, "Theoretical calculations for precision polarimetry based on Mott scattering"
arXiv article (October 25, 2017) (Please also see note from 2015)
(FINAL) Analyzed Data Sets
Run1 and Run2 Asym v Thickness Summary Tables media:06.01.17_Run1Run2_SummaryTables.ods media:06.01.17_Run1Run2_SummaryTables.xlsx
Run1 Asym v Thickness Runs media:06.01.17_Run1_ARC+Dilution.ods media:06.01.17_Run1_ARC+Dilution.xlsx
Run2 Asym v Thickness Runs media:06.01.17_Run2_ARC+Dilution.ods media:06.01.17_Run2_ARC+Dilution.xlsx
(FINAL) D. Moser "Mott Experiment Run I/II Data Analysis", JLAB-TN-17-025 (July 6th, 2017)
Entire (Content, Biblio, Appendix) Tech Note PDF media:07.03.17 MottAnalysis 17-025_b.pdf
Tech Note PDF media:07.06.17 Analysis TN.pdf
Tech Note Editable (Open Office) media:07.06.17 Analysis TN.odt
Biblio+Appendix PDF media:07.03.17 MottAnalysis Appendix.pdf
(DRAFT) R. Suleiman, "Mott Detectors and Data Acquisition System", JLab-TN-17-028 (June 6, 2017)
(FINAL) J. Grames, D. Machie, M. Stutzman, "Physical Description of the CEBAF Mott Polarimeter", JLAB-TN-17-018 (July 24, 2017)
(FINAL) M.L.Stutzman, D.G.Moser and T.J.Gay, "Extrapolation of Asymmetry Data to Determine Ao ", JLAB-TN-17-010

Verified that this coordinates with draft paper as of January 2020.

(FINAL) J. Grames and B. Freeman, "Beam Systematics for Mott Experiment Runs I and II", JLAB-TN-17-007 (March 9, 2017)
(FINAL) J. Grames, "Mott Experiment Run I/II Beam Energies" JLAB-TN-17-001 (January 17, 2017)
JLab Document Server


(FINAL) M. L. Stutzman and Md. A. Mamun "Mott Target Ladder Gold Foil Thickness Measurements" JLAB-TN-16-049
T. Gay, M. L. Stutzman, D. Moser "Extrapolation of Asymmetry Data"
media:Fitting_Section_v_2.docx media:MS_Fitting_Document.docx
media:Asymmetry Rate Summary 1.xlsx
M.L. Stutzman, "Asymmetry extrapolations to zero foil thickness"
M.J. McHugh, "GEANT4 Simulation of the Jlab MeV Mott Polarimeter" (dated April 28, 2016)


X. Roca-Maza, "Mott polarimetry at JLab
working notes on theory" (Sep 23, 2015) (Please also arXiv submission in 2017)
J. Benesch, "A detailed examination of the MDL field map and the TOSCA model of this "5 MeV" dipole" (May 11, 2015)
media:Graphs_MDL.pdf media:Graphs_MDL.docx


J. Grames, "Fall 2014 Mott Target Replacement and Ladder Position Re-Calibration"


S. Rhodes, "Mott Polarimeter Upgrade at Jefferson Lab (June 2013)


R. Suleiman, "Mott Summary" (April 2012)


B. Gitter, "Optical Transition Radiation" CAA-Tech-note-internal-#24 (1992) Media:gitter_1992_603.pdf
T. da Silva, "Beam monitoring using Optical Transition Radiation" (June 2010) Media:OTR_daSilva.pdf
M. Ross et al., "A Very High Resolution Optical Transition Radiation Beam Profile Monitor", SLAC-PUB-9280 (July 2002) Media:SLAC-PUB-9280.pdf
P. Piot et al., "High Current CW Beam Profile Monitors Using Transition Radiation at CEBAF" JLAB-TN-96-022_2 (1996) Media:JLAB-TN-96-022_2.pdf
J-C. Denard and P. Piot, "OTR screens: What beam current can they stand?" JLAB-TN-95-065 (1995) Media:JLAB-TN-95-065.pdf