May the 4th, 2022 -updates

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  1. Anode flange designed based on Injector Phase 1 but with two HV ports
    • Drawing complete and sent for approval
    • One zero length reducer 10" to 4-1/2" flanges from the GTS that looks it has a been baked many times has been handed out to Vince in the machine shop
    • 6 weldable 1-1/3" non-rotatable tapped flanges, in 316 L SS have been received. Two have been handed out to Vince in the machine shop.
    • The 3 of the 10 kV SHV feedthroughs have been stored in the cabinet by the clean room in TL1137
    • Ceramic beads are on hand
    • Anode parts are in fabrication
    • Carlos discussed with Marcy the wire option for the anode and tube. We'll use 1 mm thick Cu wire that Marcy has used before, adding a strain relief.
  2. Screen Design
    • Gotta get this done now to move onto layout for installation in CEBAF
    • Weaved wire mesh that Marcy prefers: 0.88 mm wire diameter, 0.5 inch square opening is in Bubba's office
  3. Define layout for installation in CEBAF injector
    • The plan is to focus on layout for installing in CEBAF using DS anode flange design from Injector Phase 1 (drawing ending in 0101).
    • It is critical to define this flange by the end of April so that it can be fabricated, and vacuum degassed.
    • Carlos measured the CEBAF and UITF 14" HV chambers lengths, flange to flange: both measured 18.9". Drawing shows 18.88" ( Media:HV chamber gun 14" diameter drawing.pdf). The 18" HV chamber measured 19.6" flange to flange, Lesker drawing shows 19.66" (media:LeskerPrint.pdf). Shaun to verify with S&A numbers and his model, but that means the 18" HV chamber is longer than the 14" HV chamber by 0.78".
    • Media:14" HV chamber CEBAF injector vacuum piping dimensions.pptx
  4. Clean room in LERF Lab 3A
    • Bubba and Phil moved the IR demo FEL gun HV chamber to the LERF vault, along with the segmented ceramic
    • Material and equipment from the detectors that a were assembled bu Hampton University have been removed
    • Carlos did pre-job walk through with facilities for replacing the lights. Expected to be completed this week.
    • Next is to clean up the clean room and keep it clean

Useful documents


TEAMS meeting link sent along with invite