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== Recent Updates ==
==Planning, planning, planning...==
==Planning, planning, planning...==
* [[AIPINJ - Phase 2 Upgrade Meetings]]
* [[AIPINJ - Phase 2 Upgrade Meetings]]
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:[[SRF Booster]]
:[[SRF Booster]]
:[[media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls]]
:[[media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls]]
==FY22 SAD ATLIS Tasks==
* CEBAF SAD runs from Feb 8 - Jun 8 (about 4 months)  [[media:210112_SAD_timeline.pdf]]
* Tunnel jobs during first ~month of SAD
:: Jason Willoughby is installing bright white task lighting w/ wall dimmer from laser hut to fc#2
:: Tomasz is upgrading RF
:: CIS has two major vacuum jobs
=== Vent VBV0I02 - VBV0I07 ===
* Marcy write ATLIS
* Coordinate groups to remove/stow items
* Coordinate with SRF before venting
* Dry run the entire sequence of jobs
* Prep all the parts for vacuum job in tunnel
* Vent through QCM
* Work w/ S&A to remake A2 gasket
* Rework IYG0I02, remove top-hat, align YAG screen per Dennis
* Work with S&A to align YAG screen
* Work with S&A to install, align IHA0I02
* Check viewer and harp before and after pump down, repeatedly, carefully
* Pump down and leak check
=== Vent Mott chamber  ===
* Joe write ATLIS
* Coordinate with S&A to check gold ladder fiducials
* Coordinate with Scott to disconnect diamond ladder controls
* Dry run the entire sequence in tunnel
* Prep all the parts before venting
* Vent chamber slowly for existing gold target
* Remove diamond ladder
* Rebuild lower section of Mott (tube + window)
* Last step install and align gold ladder
* Slow pump down, check motion controls of ladder, leak check
* Long pump down
=== Beam Tests ===
* (Shukui, Joe, Tomasz, Reza) Install, test and compare mode-locked vs. gain-switched fiber lasers  (bleedthrough, injector setup, operation)
* (Dennis, Ken, Alicia) Use harp to study Wien optics and test match
* (Dennis) Evaluate optics of Lakshmi's new 15 deg DM dipole vs. existing DS dipole
* (Max) Use BPM, Harp/lens to quantify beam deflection & Twiss vs. laser spot location
* (Riad, Sarin) Use BPM's and Wiens to test different/new PS to suppress line noise
* (Gabriel, Carlos) Do you need data for Wien paper?
* (Jerry, Joe) Test 200 keV PSS kicker magnet
* (Yan) Evaluate QCM

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Planning, planning, planning...

Major Phase 2 Beamline Components

SRF Booster
media:parts list old and new phase2 beamline.xls