Pre-buncher cavity (200 kV upgrade)

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A new buncher cavity (called the pre-buncher b/c there it precedes the main 1497 MHz bunching cavity) built from copper (rather than existing stainless steel) in order to best achieve the required bunching power.

Status update from 9/30/20 - First cavity ready for Scott to braze
From: Mark Wissmann <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 10:37:36 PM
To: Danny Machie <>; Haipeng Wang <>; Matthew Poelker <>; Scott Williams <>
Cc: Vincent Pope <>; Curt Hovater <>; Rick Nelson <>
Subject: Re: Measurements of Cavity After 1st Cut

Picked up cavity one today after its 4th trim at the machine shop.  The frequency on the bench is
now 1495.6  MHz with the tuning slug at 1.95" and 1496.4MHz with the slug at 1.74" At 1.74" the
slug is flush at the cavity wall and at 0.7" the slug is fully inserted.  Attached is a picture of the NA's
S21 measurement.  It is time to braze the end plates to the body.  Should I deliver the parts to Scott
or for cleaning? 
Pre-existing pre-buncher and buncher drawings