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2018 IPAC Proceedings media:Simulation Study of the Magnetized Electron Beam - IPAC'18.pdf

2019 IPAC Proceedings media:Simulation Study of the Emittnace Measurements in Magnetized Beam - IPAC'19.pdf

2019 NAPAC Proceedings media:Space charge study of the Jefferson Lab magnetized electron beam-NAPAC'19.pdf

Reaserch Presentations

Space charge measurements and simulations

Photo gun re-designing


  • Laser * QE as initial particle distribution : media:QE and Laser.pdf
  • MatLab post processing : Beam size measurements, Rotation angle measurements, Image processing for QE and Laser profile, Magnetized beam video

Oral Qualifying Exam-March 2019

Oral qualifier presentation media:oral presentation.pdf

Oral qualifier report media:oral paper.pdf

Annual review-May 2020

Annual review presentation media:Annual review Final_3_compressed.pdf

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