UITF Meeting - January 8, 2019

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Our Shielding to-do list

North Wall

  1. add the SEG blocks, steel blocks: 15 blocks, three rows of 5
  2. secure these blocks with a structure (Shoreline?)
  3. can these blocks be put flush to existing wall? by removing the brackets at the bottom. move the brackets outside the SEG blocks. this is my preference.
  4. Move the conduit so that SEG blocks can be stacked efficiently against the east wall
  5. purchase the concrete cap as shown by Keith and Walt drawings
  6. what about the gap between the SEG blocks and the existing outer wall?
  7. Jason Willoughby to re-route the electric and fire prevention conduit, to make it easy to place SEG blocks


  1. purchase another pier for the south side of the chimney
  2. sandbags added to north pier to cover the cracks
  3. Andy would like a dedicated vent pipe through the north pier, should we replace the north pier presently made of concrete block, with a precast block? like Walt sketched on the south pier
  4. Do we still add steel or concrete to the bottom of the chimney, to reduce the opening solid angle?

assorted other

  1. sandbags into the hole at region between cave1 and 2

File:Requested modification of north pier to accommodate helium vent pipe.pdf

Revised north wall shielding plan per Walt.jpg

Revised north wall shielding plan per Walt - extended tile.jpg