Run Meeting: August 11th, 2020

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Summary of past 24h:

Monday, August 10 to Tuesday, August 11

5-pass data taking at 200 nA on deuterium (about 63 M events).

Reasonable data taking with good beam for the most part, but relatively many RF trips at other times.

Deuterium target purged opportunistically at 11 AM on Monday and 6 AM on Tuesday.

Special RTPC HV test runs taken during the night shift (Mohammad):

2:47	12478 10.5 M events (GEM amplification HV was 385 V)
4:19	12479 6.6 M events (GEM amplification HV was 375 V)
7:58 	12480 5.4 M events (GEM amplification HV was 365 V)

The regular GEM amplification HV is 390 V.

Plan for next 24 hours

Maintenance during the day shift.

Data taking afterwards.