Run Meeting: August 13th, 2020

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12:00PM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C) ONLINE

RC: Carlos Ayerbe

Summary of past 24h:

RC report from Stephen:

Shifters summary:


  • Electric storm caused some beam delays (
  • Deuterium bottle was changed. It was reported a possible issue with the high pressure gauge, but nothing critical.
  • Valery K, requested to change the trigger configuration file as was agreed early. Note: sometimes, the GUI won't show the uploaded trigger file, here is the simple solution:
  • Mohammad requested an increase of current from 200nA to 240nA for testing purposes (just one run, ~ 05:30).
  • Due to beam studies, beam will be down for 2 hours (09-11:00). It was finished early.


Continue taking data.


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