Run Meeting: March 21st, 2020

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10:00AM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C)

RC: Carlos Ayerbe

Summary of past 24h:

  • Summary in the RC Daily Report

  • Hall was ready to sweep at ~12:10 (started at 12:50)
  • Harp scans and beam quality ~4h total
  • target full --> target empty
  • Shunt installed for GEM3_Out
-------> RTPC HV <--------
  • From MCC meeting (this morning)
    • Stuart H. mentioned that we should be prepared to change to MEDCON6 (implying shutdown of the lab) given that many other labs started to shutdown.
    • Stepan S. jumped with the question of how to proceed since, for instance, we need to run 1-pass for calibration purposes and it could imply some changes in the accelerator normal operation.


  • Run production
  • Flush Target ~20:00 (or if there is an opportunistic beam down, close to this time)
    • Time schedule changes accepted



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