Run Meeting: March 23rd, 2020

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10:00AM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C) (NOT)

RC: Carlos Ayerbe

Summary of past 24h:

  • Summary in the RC Daily Report


  1. replace the nitrogen bottle with the He bottle and set its pressure.
  2. Empty the target and then fill with He. Purge 3 times.
    1. During that time, both the D2 bottle and the H2 bottle (and the whole flammable gas branch) won’t be needed, swap out D2, it they are still willing to do it.
  3. move the flammable gas regulator from the D2 to H2 bottle.
  4. After the He run is done, we purge 6 times with H2
    1. in the meantime, take a Moller run
  5. After running on H2, empty the target down to 5 psig and take another empty target run.
  6. Depending on the timing, move the flammable regulator from the H2 bottle to the new D2 bottle
    1. go through the target purge again (at least 3, better 6 times).

If we time it such that we are within striking distance of beam off, we can save ourselves that last step. But of course, we would love to run the rest of swing and all of the owl if we are allowed to.

Shutdown Procedures:

All these should be discussed with Bob M. and Denny I.

  1. Keep the RTPC inside the Solenoid.
  2. Turn Off all elements related to the RTPC (HV for RTPC and DMS)
    1. Jiwan must consult Irakli about the FEUs.
  3. Friendly reminder to the experts of all systems how to proceed.
  4. Fill the target with N2 at slight overpressure and then close all valves
  5. Keep HeCO2 flow at 50 sccm, open both HeCO2 bottles
  6. No flow to buffer


  1. Nathan Baltzell is asking for a list of files that we want rapid (disk) access to for analysis


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