Run Meeting: March 24th, 2020

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10:00AM Run Meeting, Counting house meeting room (200C) (NOT)

RC: Carlos Ayerbe

Summary of past 24h:

  • Summary in the RC Daily Report

Shutdown Procedures:

Welcome to MEDCON6

  1. Target procedure to shut down (Sebastian, with the correction)
    1. empty by closing SVBT100 and opening SVBT112.
    2. Close SVBT108 and open SVBT102, and set MFC104 interface to Nitrogen.
    3. Close SVBT112 and open SVBT108 to flush target with Nitrogen.
    4. Purge as many times as deemed necessary (I would say twice).
    5. as the last step, after filling one more time with N2, close all electric inlet valves (SVBT100,SVBT102, SVBT108) and all manual valves on gas bottles and the manifold in the gas pad area, but DO NOT close SVBT112.
    6. By leaving SVBT112 open, the target will be replenished with the N2 "purge" gas as long as that holds up, and in any case we avoid a situation where the target could be below atmospheric (surrounding) pressure.
  1. Drift region procedure
    1. First turn off all RTPC HV
    2. Reduce drift gas flow to 30 sccm of pre-mix gas He/CO2 with BOTH bottles open.
  1. Electronics
    1. We need to turn off the FEU low voltage, BUT ONLY AFTER the FMT HV and gas has been shut down!
    2. Jiwan will proceed to turn it off remotely. Also he is willing to come if needed. (Stuart mentioned a period of transient during the shut down, so I shouldn't be a problem to access the Hall after 8AM)
    3. Bob will turn off the blowers


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