CPS Summary 2/1/19

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  • Discussion about needed upgrades, e.g. pumps and SC magnet
  • Key for large apertures is shifting coils and minimizing material around coils
  • three different scenarios discussed
  • Changing from longitudinal to transverse configuration estimated on order few weeks
  • rotation itself is quite fast - can be on order minutes in ideal case
  • Action items/questions about Oxford design:
  • Get drawing of magnet
  • Get quote of magnetic field - if went below 4T not so good
  • Probe safety margins and stresses etc. with company
  • General note: split pair magnets with large acceptance always a challenge - strange forces, clamping very important
  • New idea to address local depolarization: fix beam and raster target - target rotation looks very promising, test results shown



  • NIM paper
  • Funding proposal