General EEEMCal Meeting Summary 10/21/22

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PARTICIPANTS: Rosi, Vladimir, Hamlet, Tanja, Richard, Hrachya, Renee, Sasha, Taya, Vardan, Julie, Carlos, Justin, Douglas, Crytur-USA, Josh, Yeran,


  • Overall positive feedback and discussions
  • Regarding the main question about the scientific motivation and EEEMCAL addressing additional physics beyond the two identified strong physics topics, the answer was that it is understood that there are flagship measurements that are put forward to justify the expenditure and that there is/will be additional physics that can also benefit from the instrumentation
  • the budget needs to be developed in close collaboration with the EIC project
  • it is suggested that project management be integrated with EIC tools or at least take advantage of them - the MOLLER MSRI is given as a model to follow. This also needs close collaboration with the EIC project
  • EEEMCAL has many resources also in EPIC collaboration for technical coordination that could be taken advantage of, e.g., see example from HERMES
  • time scales for delivery of crystal and other materials need to be taken into account in the proposal development
  • Broader impacts needs to give emphasis to training the workforce in project management. Rosi might have language that could be used for that from earlier proposals
  • Action items:
  • Continue development of the sections Scientific Motivation and Broader Impacts
  • Start developing the budget
  • At the next meeting go over an outline of the pre-proposal and supplementary documents and assign people to take the lead in writing these


  • JLab Beam Tests (Vladimir, Yeran, Irina)
  • SciGlass 2cm x 2cm x 40cm in 3x3 array installed and first data taken
  • in these measurements the beam is centered on the center block (no scan block-by-block)
  • the data are calibrated by a well-established and checked regression algorithm that was developed for NPS. There, observed good agreement between block-by-block scans and centering the beam on the center block and using regression with the coefficients from a block-by-block scan; agrement within 1%
  • energy resolution to be determined - expect contribution of transverse leakage as blocks are 2cm x 2cm in transverse size
  • presently 16 more blocks are being produced for a beam test with a 5x5 array in early 2023 - as part of this test SciGlass is planned to be readout with SiPM. Earlier tests with SiPMs on a smaller array may be possible in late 2022
  • Crytur prototype
  • built and waiting for beam time - expect to be in beam in mid-December


  • Planning series of reviews for all subsystems
  • Calorimeter review planned to be in December 1st week (dates to be fixed)
  • Review will be both EM and Hadron
  • Plan is to have a 2 day review
  • Scope for EM: status and path forward of block production, electronics, etc. towards CD2/3A (60%)
  • Would like to include results from beam tests on:
  • SiPM readout
  • 3x3 SciGlass 40cm and consistency with what is expected and outlook to 5x5 array