General EEEMCal Meeting Summary 10/29/21

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PARTICIPANTS: A. Bazilevsky, C. Munoz-Camacho, Crytur-USA, D. Hasell, H. Marukyan, J. Bettane, R. Milner, V. Tadevosyan, R. Reed, T. Horn, R. Fatemi, V. Berdnikov


  • Proposal and/or technote draft texts posted on EEEMCAl Wiki - please send comments/edits
  • ATHENA: Vladimir
  • CORE: Carlos
  • ECCE: Tanja
  • Performance plots
  • ATHENA: DD4HEP - AANL team together with Dmitry
  • CORE: Fast simulations
  • ECCE: Fun4All - Orsay team, Renee
  • costing: in-kind
  • Action: prepare a note to the proto-collaborations that states the plan of EEEMCal to pursue to provide resources from EOI to the proto-collaboration if selected as the project detector. Note will be circulated to EEEMCAL and then send to Athena spokespeople and IB chair, CORE contact persons, ECCE contact persons


  • Discussion of draft technical note on EEEMCAL design
  • reference is Athena hybrid (PWO/SciGlass) since it is most complex and largest
  • cooling for only crystal region is in principle possible, but need to look in detail how to install an "outer" cooling layer at the interface between PWO (inside) and SciGlass (outside). Also need to consider that SiPMs need cooling regardless if installed on PWO or SciGlass
  • mechanical design of a uniform material calorimeter (only crystal or only SciGlass) would be easier
  • mechanical design of an all SciGlass calorimeter with block dimensions 3x3x50cm^3 feasible mechanically
  • Publication of the design document
  • post on EEEMCAL Wiki
  • send draft to Elke/Rolf and ask for feedback and/or meeting for further discussions



  • Five configuration tests have been completed so far
  • Note: SciGlass tests were done with six damaged blocks - replacements not yet available
  • Crytur prototype arrived at JLab and demonstrated that all channels operational - next step: install in hall
  • Action: need to ask for extension of beam period by a few days after November 8


  • Preparations ongoing and test expected soon.