General EEEMCal Meeting Summary 3/17/23

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PARTICIPANTS: Carlos, Renee, Richard, Rosi, Silvia Sykorova, Vardan, Cristiano, Ioana, Tanja, Sasha, Irina, Larry, Douglas, Dmitry Kalinkin, Hrachya Marukyan, Jim Kelsey, Julie Roche, Justin Frantz, Lei Guo, Mariangela Bondi, Mirek Finger, Stefano Grazzi, Yeran, Marco B.,


  • Ongoing tests at JLab
  • Preparations for tests at AANL - 16 channel PWO prototype
  • have all components and working on solution for readout
  • planning low energy test
  • Planned tests at CERN
  • DESY tests
  • completed in 2022 and analysis is ongoing


  • Presentations by some of EEEMCAL members (Renee, Rosi, Dmitry, Josh, Tanja)
  • Question if people will get to see the draft final report for fact checking before it is made public --> Carlos will check with the Committee


  • Discussion of the invitation from NSF
  • Dates for Virtual Reverse Site Visit are July 10-14 --> overlaps with NSAC LRP Resolution meeting
  • Action item: note that to Allena and Gail
  • Discussion of the pre-proposal comments
  • PEP: working with EIC PM on organizational structure for NSF project - integrated with EIC PM tools
  • Missing scope SciGlass: clarify in Physics section, clarify in a meeting with NSF PM as possible
  • Dividing structural design across institution to have additional student mentoring: in general, structural design/engineering is done where there are engineering expertise (here, MIT), may consider students at other institutions, e.g., undergrads at ACU, doing some design work and learning about design/engineering --> example: CUA grad student did SciGlass EMCal barrel design with oversight by BNL engineers
  • Clarification of EEEMCAL timeline fit with EIC timeline --> could be done in either physics or detector section or both
  • Promoting DEI - in preproposal included DEI commitments of institutions --> connect these to the project, e.g., students working on engineering could be part of the MIT DEI program
  • Timeline for the full proposal
  • subaward documents need to be submitted to each institutions SPO by 21 April and submitted to CUA 28 April (CUA may be flexible); submission to NSF is on 5 May
  • Full proposal narrative section assignments:
  • Overview: Richard, Tanja, Renee
  • Science Case: Renee, Richard, Tanja
  • Detector scope: Tanja, Cristiano, Justin, Paul, Lei
  • Broader Impacts and DEI: Rosi, Ioana, Larry, Joerg
  • (Supplementary Docs) PEP: Julie, Tanja, ...
  • Supplementary Docs:
  • PEP
  • Current and Pending
  • Facilities/Equipment
  • Budget and justification
  • Data management plan
  • Postdoc mentoring plan
  • CV and COA
  • Letters
  • Special docs: environment checklist, major team members, partner organizations
  • Action items for full proposal preparations
  • check with SPOs on individual institution submission requirements
  • get quotes for any major instrumentation
  • check readout plans with EIC WG conveners (Justin will organize that)
  • make new overleaf for the narrative (Renee)
  • check requirements on letters and (if allowed) ask for detailed letters from EIC Project/BNL/JLab and EPIC collaboration and standard letters from BNL, JLab, etc. (Tanja)
  • prepare any new documents for the full proposal: current and pending support and any updates on budget etc.
  • write to Allena for possible clarifications meeting and overlap of dates VRSV and NSAC LRP (Tanja)
  • provide scope info to EIC PM for PEP organizational structure development (Julie)
  • start implementing comments from pre-proposal and update sections with text/new figures etc. (All)
  • have weekly proposal meetings until submission


  • Main topic: full proposal preparations